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User Research

Whether fleshing out an idea from an after-hours brainstorming session or investigating why an existing solution doesn’t perform to standard, I can help discover the design requirements.

When outlining design requirements, before we can ask “What do our users need?” we must first ask “Why do they need our solution?” Gaining a wholistic understanding of user motivations allows me to go beyond fulfilling requests by anticipating the needs of the user.

Interaction Design

My philosophy with user experience design is that a design should be invisible and self-explanatory. A new user should be able to approach the product and quickly understand its purpose and functionality with minimal training. A design should empower users to accomplish their goals rather than create additional questions and challenges.

I adhere to my mantra by engaging in deliberate data-driven design work. In addition to the data gathered though user research, I also make use of academic research and industry standards to anticipate the way a user may interact.

User Testing

Despite even the most thorough user research, a designer must remain humble to the fact that design changes will be necessary at times.

In order to reduce project lead times and cost, I make use of usability testing and other techniques throughout the design and implementation of a project. If I ever get to design decision that cannot be supported by user research or design principles I prioritize gathering more data to address the needs of the user.

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